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Community Support

Is a fun-filled activity-based support service, that offers families with children and adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities the opportunities to access their local communities, participating in activities of their choice.

You will be supported by a very friendly and experienced staff team, that has a passion for helping people. Everybody who spends time with us will have a support plan that aims at developing independence, social skills, communication, well-being, and much more.

Our community support service has a base called ‘The Limes’, which is a welcoming home with a neutral setup, designed to be less stimulating for those with sensory needs. It has multiple communal activity rooms, aimed at offering young people the choice to socialise or have independent time doing activities of their choice.

We hope to always be able to find activities in your community or at our bases that you like doing, from rock climbing, sensory play, bowling, trampolining, dog walking and many more. We recognise the importance of learning new things and how this can help increase your confidence in everyday life. The staff will help you to participate in these activities, learning new things, and enjoying each session.