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Our Values

Personalised Care

We provide highly personalised services with each person being supported according to their views, needs and preferences.

Flexible Approach

We know that everyone is different so the level of support we offer to each person varies according to their unique needs.


We believe that individuals should have the opportunities to learn new things and enjoy the activities they wish to do.

Company Focus

Mission Statement

Respond Care is an organisation that supports children & adults with additional needs to lead fulfilling lives, where their aspirations underpin the care that is delivered. We offer support across a variety of settings; in the community, residential/supported living & overnight respite.

Respond Care are committed to delivering a quality service that meets best practice. We seek to operate in a manner that shows commitment to our young people achieving and see the quality of care as the cornerstone of our practice. Key values are demonstrated throughout our work and we believe that each individual we support has the fundamental right to; Be regarded as an individual; Be cared for by people who are capable of understanding their needs; Be treated equally; Receive respect and understanding regarding cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs; Where appropriate, receive an education which enhances life prospects in every respect; Receive prompt attention in relation to all healthcare needs; Be part of all important decisions that affects the individual and to have a voice; Have the opportunity to think independently and make his/her own choices; Complain about anything that is felt to be unfair or unjust and to have that complaint listened and responded to.

About Respond Care

Our dedicated team of carers put your loved ones first and give you piece of mind moving forward

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